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Brainstorms, creative ideas, specified target groups, immediate solutions... Sounds good? It’s only the beginning!

We are aware that you would like to see the end result as soon as possible. Believe us, so do we! That’s why we provide you with professional mock-ups built on the solid foundation of your vision, our solutions, and—last but not least—UX principles.

The prototype of your website allows us to show you its functionality, content distribution, and hierarchy. The application structure scheme is a satisfactory solution for both of us; by using it, we are able to check whether the project looks as good in reality as it does on paper. Moreover, thanks to mock-ups we can check the practicality and correctness of the user flow.

The mock-up is interactive and we strive to make it as close to the end result as possible. Real user testing is also a possibility. It all boils down to the fact that should you want to make any changes, there is a quick, cost-efficient solution to do so.

The prototype developed during the mock-up stage transforms into a fully-fledged project. We fine-tune each and every graphical element to meet your expectations. In order to adjust the website to the appropriate target group, we take into account their demographic data. At this stage, we advise you to use interactive solutions that will help us meet your business and image ambitions. Our mission is to make your digital product transparent, functional, useful, and esthetically pleasing!

What's included?

A mock-up of your digital product

Proven solutions

Finalized graphic design

Initial project appraisal and established timeframe