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We’re not your ordinary company, who cuts off clients after the project is finalized. We cherish each and every customer relationship. We believe that by doing so, we’re not only helping to develop a single product, but also—more importantly—your brand, company, or start-up.

Both during the project and after its completion, you’ll stay in touch with the project manager, designers, and developers. We appreciate every bit of feedback you can send our way because it allows us to do our job even better.

Our projects are built in such a way that makes any future development effortless. Each project employs the Git system, a tool where developers can track any changes made to the project. Moreover, the Version Control System is essential in storing, versioning, and documenting the product’s source code. That’s where CI/CD is implemented in order to facilitate the introduction of new functions and eliminate potential errors.

Whenever we come up with new, exciting ideas for your project, you’ll be the first person we contact. Additionally, we’ll let you know how long the implementation process will take and how each change will affect the project. All of this information is stored in the necessary documentation, a summary of which is sent to you after the project is finalized. By then, we will also have talked about any future collaborations.

What's included?

Around-the-clock contact with the project manager

Meetings with the team working on your project