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Product development

All stages of development are interrelated. Therefore, effective communication, our synergy, and our attention to detail are key to every single one of them. After the mock-ups and tests are done, the next step is designing and coding—incidentally, that happens to be what developers enjoy the most.

We deal with the project holistically. Our team is comprised of both back-end and front-end developers. By keeping in mind the uniqueness of each project, we are able to choose suitable solutions. I​t is the individual approach that make us stand out. Your vision, original project, creative solutions, and the top-notch skills of our developers – are all necessary components of a digital product tailored to your needs.

After the design phase is complete, we proceed to the coding. Our projects are based on Scrum methodology, which allows us to keep you updated on the progress we’ve made. We’ll inform you of the progress by an online meeting scheduled weekly or biweekly. The meetings will concern the functionalities and the upcoming stages of development. Keep in mind that our projects are never set in stone; we don’t limit ourselves by any means. This allows us to take swift and precise action should your project require fine-tuning.

What's included?

Thorough digital product testing

A functional product meeting your specifications, user stories, and expectations