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Discover your needs

Each of your projects is handled with care and thorough research. In most cases, introductory workshops are organized, during which your ideas and the final effect of the project are discussed in detail. That’s when we get familiar with your project, your business goals, and your customers’ characteristics, needs, or problems. If necessary, we may identify the target group ourselves.

We come up with personas that help us get to know potential customers and their motivations or barriers—as well as any opportunities to catch their eye. Moreover, we create user flows in order to better understand the behavior of potential users of the website. User flows allow us to assess and predict the potential customers’ actions even before sitting down to the drawing board. In our work, we apply the design sprint process because it helps us detect problems along the way and to set new trends by designing key functionalities and prototyping and testing numerous ideas. Additionally, we can set the requirements not only for the MVP, but also for all subsequent stages.

As soon as we begin working together, you will meet the person in charge of the project. This will be your contact person for the duration—even after the project is complete.

What's included?

Initial mock-ups

Initial technical specifications

Descriptions and user flows of the most important functionalities or processes

Defined personas of your clients